Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund offers a convenient, versatile way to provide support to causes important to you when and how you choose. Make gifts to your donor advised fund when you’ll get the most tax benefits and retain the right to recommend distributions to your favorite charities, anywhere and at any time.


A foundation within the Community Foundation Tampa Bay looks like a private foundation, but there are fewer costs, time commitments and administrative hassles for you. An initial gift of $100,000 will start your foundation. Tax benefits are better than giving to a private foundation. Once the foundation is open, you, your family, or your business can focus on the joys of giving to support your favorite charities, anywhere and at any time, while we take care of the behind-the-scenes details.


A designated fund is a permanent fund that provides on-going, long-term support to specific non-profit organizations you name in the fund agreement. You name the organizations and the share each will receive each year. You can also name organizations to receive the share of any organization that ceases to exist.

Field of Interest

A field of interest fund provides on-going, long-term support to a specific charitable purpose or mission (such as education; disabled veterans; or the environment) rather than to a specific non-profit organization. Each year, we use the annual grant amount to provide support to one or more organizations whose purpose or mission aligns with the charitable purpose or mission you named in the fund agreement.


A scholarship fund provides tuition and other financial support to students pursuing post-secondary education at universities, colleges, technical/vocational schools, or professional certification programs. You decide on the eligibility criteria, and we utilize the best approach to administer your scholarship and select recipients. Your charitable intent to support students will be maintained for generations to come.


A legacy fund allows you to plan now for how your charitable assets will be distributed after your lifetime. You can plan to add assets to an existing fund or direct that a donor advised fund or designated, field of interest, or scholarship fund will be created with the designated assets from your estate. Your heirs or others can be named as successor advisors. The legacy fund agreement can be changed or cancelled without any cost or penalty if you change your estate plans.