Aligning his Giving with his Values

David Baldwin had a soft heart for people who had a challenging life. He wanted his charitable giving to make a difference in their lives. He and his wife, Virginia, were prolific philanthropists. After her death, he continued their philanthropy for the rest of his life and beyond.

After he moved to St. Petersburg, he turned to the Community Foundation Tampa Bay to help him identify nonprofits whose missions aligned with his values. He began to make gifts to those organizations. He also visited and learned more about what they did and the impact they had on people.

He made a few high-profile endowment gifts during his lifetime, most notably to CASA and to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic.

Mainly, he made more modest gifts from the family foundation he had established at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay. The Community Foundation took care of the administrative details so that he could concentrate on getting to know the organizations he supported, such as Academy Prep, Metropolitan Ministries and ‘R Club.

And he made a plan for his substantial estate. He specified how his lifetime earnings should be shared among nonprofits he had come to know and trust to carry on the work that meant so much to him and his wife: helping people, especially women and children, overcome challenges to lead a fulfilling life.